Orbex Forex Cashback - TMGM Forex Rebates

The foreign exchange (forex) market is a competitive environment where traders constantly seek the best deals and platforms. One of the notable features that attract traders is the concept of cashbacks or rebates. Both Orbex and TMGM are brokers offering cashback or rebate programs to incentivize trading, appealing to both new and experienced traders. This article provides an in-depth analysis of these programs, their benefits, and how traders can evaluate them as part of their trading strategy.


Cashback or rebate programs reward traders with a portion of their trading fees, creating an attractive proposition for high-volume traders. This concept is becoming increasingly popular as brokers strive to retain customers and differentiate themselves in a saturated market. In the context of Orbex and TMGM, let's delve into how their forex cashback programs work and what makes them appealing.

1. Orbex Forex Cashback Program

Orbex is a Cyprus-based broker known for its transparent fee structure and advanced trading tools. The Orbex Forex Cashback program offers rebates to clients on every trade they make, regardless of the instrument.

  • Rebate Structure: The cashback is typically a percentage of the spread or commission, deposited directly into the trader's account.

  • Eligibility: Any client who trades live on an Orbex platform is eligible. The amount varies based on the account type, trading volume, and asset class.

  • Benefits:

    • Increased Profitability: Even a modest rebate can enhance profitability, particularly for frequent traders.

    • Transparency: Orbex provides a clear structure for calculating rebates.

2. TMGM Forex Rebates

TMGM, an Australian-based broker, also offers an appealing rebate program, particularly through partnerships with external forex cashback websites. These programs provide traders with partial refunds on commissions.

  • Rebate Structure: Traders receive rebates based on the volume traded or the number of lots completed.

  • Eligibility: Clients trading on TMGM’s platforms, specifically those registered via cashback partners, can avail these rebates.

  • Benefits:

    • Lower Effective Trading Costs: Rebates reduce the overall transaction costs, beneficial for traders relying on small margins.

    • Flexibility: Rebates can be used in combination with other promotions and trading tools.

3. Industry Trends and Statistics

Rebates and cashback programs are increasingly popular in the forex market. According to industry studies, around 20% of active forex traders globally engage in cashback programs. The rising adoption is fueled by a few critical trends:

  • Increasing Competition: As brokers compete for market share, rebate programs have become a key differentiator.

  • Transparency and Trust: Traders gravitate towards brokers offering transparent fee structures, and rebates enhance this transparency.

  • Partnerships: Many brokers, including Orbex and TMGM, partner with cashback websites to reach a broader audience.

4. Trader Feedback and Case Studies

Trader feedback on rebate programs is generally positive, particularly among high-frequency traders. One case study shows how a TMGM trader using a cashback program effectively reduced their trading costs by 30% over six months, leading to significantly higher net profits. Similarly, an Orbex trader stated that their cashback program helped them mitigate risks by providing a safety net through cumulative rebates.


Orbex and TMGM offer robust cashback and rebate programs that benefit a wide range of traders. While these programs are attractive for their ability to improve profitability, traders should evaluate them in the context of their broader trading strategy and broker selection criteria. Combining cashback programs with effective trading tools and disciplined strategies can significantly enhance a trader's chances of success.