What are the best free places to learn Forex


Forex trading, or foreign exchange trading, is a global market that attracts both beginners and experienced traders. Understanding the intricacies of forex trading is crucial for success. Fortunately, there are numerous free resources available online that provide comprehensive education in forex trading. This article explores the best free places to learn forex, providing detailed insights into their content, benefits, and user feedback.

1. Babypips - School of Pipsology


Babypips is one of the most popular websites for learning forex trading, especially for beginners. Its School of Pipsology is a structured, easy-to-follow curriculum that covers everything from the basics to advanced trading strategies.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Lessons cover forex basics, technical and fundamental analysis, trading psychology, and risk management.

  • Interactive Tools: Includes quizzes, calculators, and a supportive community forum.

  • User-Friendly: Lessons are presented in an engaging, straightforward manner.

User Feedback: According to user reviews on Trustpilot, Babypips is highly regarded for its thorough and accessible content, making it an ideal starting point for novice traders.

2. Investopedia


Investopedia is a well-known financial education platform that offers a wealth of information on forex trading. Its articles, tutorials, and videos cater to both beginners and experienced traders.

Key Features

  • Extensive Articles: Detailed explanations of forex concepts, strategies, and market analysis.

  • Video Tutorials: Visual learning aids that enhance understanding.

  • Simulator: A trading simulator to practice trading without risking real money.

Case Study: Many users have reported significant improvements in their understanding of forex trading after utilizing Investopedia’s resources, particularly highlighting the quality and depth of its educational content.

3. Forex Factory


Forex Factory is a comprehensive resource for forex traders, offering news, market analysis, and a vibrant community forum.

Key Features

  • Economic Calendar: Real-time updates on economic events and their potential impact on forex markets.

  • Forums: Active discussions on trading strategies, market trends, and personal experiences.

  • Market Analysis: Daily updates and insights into market movements.

User Feedback: Users appreciate the real-time information and community support available on Forex Factory, which helps them stay informed and make better trading decisions.

4. DailyFX


DailyFX provides a blend of market news, analysis, and educational content. It is an excellent resource for traders at all levels.

Key Features

  • Market News: Up-to-date news on forex markets and economic events.

  • Educational Guides: Comprehensive tutorials on various aspects of forex trading.

  • Webinars: Interactive sessions with expert traders.

Industry Trend: DailyFX’s real-time market analysis and educational webinars are particularly valued by traders looking to stay current with market trends and improve their trading strategies.

5. FXStreet


FXStreet is a leading source for real-time forex news and analysis. It also offers educational resources for traders.

Key Features

  • Live News: Real-time updates on market events and trends.

  • Educational Articles: Detailed guides on forex trading concepts and strategies.

  • Interactive Tools: Webinars and live trading sessions.

User Testimonials: Many traders find FXStreet’s live news updates and educational content essential for keeping up with the fast-paced forex market.

6. Admiral Markets


Admiral Markets offers a range of educational materials, including webinars, articles, and tutorials, focusing on practical trading skills.

Key Features

  • Structured Courses: From basic to advanced levels.

  • Live Webinars: Regular sessions with expert traders.

  • Practical Tools: Access to trading tools and indicators.

User Feedback: Traders appreciate the practical focus and high quality of the educational content provided by Admiral Markets.

7. My Trading Skills


My Trading Skills provides a variety of courses and tutorials designed to build trading knowledge from the ground up.

Key Features

  • Step-by-Step Courses: Clear progression from basics to advanced topics.

  • Interactive Tools: Tools to practice and test trading skills.

  • Mentorship: Access to trading mentors for guidance.

User Feedback: Users value the structured approach and the opportunity to receive personalized feedback from mentors.

8. The Balance


The Balance offers clear, concise, and practical information on various financial topics, including forex trading.

Key Features

  • Educational Articles: Easy-to-understand guides on forex trading.

  • Practical Tips: Advice on developing trading strategies.

  • Resource Links: Links to additional resources for deeper learning.

User Feedback: Users appreciate the simplicity and clarity of The Balance’s content, making it accessible for beginners.


The availability of high-quality free forex trading resources has made it easier for traders to gain the necessary knowledge and skills. Whether you are a novice looking to get started or an experienced trader seeking to refine your strategies, these platforms offer valuable resources to enhance your trading journey.